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Bill Read

Bill Read

Abstract Painting is one of the most difficult of all art forms.  Successful abstract art happens when an artist has a strong background in realism yet takes bold strides away, while retaining a mastering of design.  Such an artist is Bill Read.

Born in the rolling hill country of east Texas, Read portrays this heritage in the rich colors of his paintings.  He has a unique eye for spaciousness and paints on large canvases giving total freedom of expression in both representational and  non-representational abstract form.

Read’s canvases are bold expressions of emotion – often undefined shapes or forms – but have more carefully constructed elements of color that need no definition.  His use of color and his natural talent for composition render each canvas a life of its own.

Bill is a permanent resident of Miami, Florida, where he enjoys tremendous success on the Florida Gold Coast.  His popularity extends to many parts of the United States, Canada, Europe, the UK, and South America.  His work can be found in many personal and corporate collections including professional sports figures and notable personalities.

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